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Wonder Woman Portrayal in a Movie

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Wonder Woman is a movie that is notable for the portrayal of a woman which is different from the other movie. While the other movie is still portraying the bright side of man, however, the movie of Wonder Woman had shown us high praise of side for a woman. The term of feminism had fully emerged in the movie, which woman is strong, brave, heroism (Matos 2016), and having leadership (Urick 2018).

Over the years, the film is being used as a mirror to reflect the society, to show the behaviour and give impact to the audience masses (Matos 2016). The meaning of heroic seems that has been restricted on “masculine” of strength, male and white (Screen Space 2012). However, Wonder Woman is the film that has come into being feminism and emerge the strength of women (Matos 2016).

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In the film, Diana is naked all the time. However, the strength of her to protect the villages in the small town acts as a safeguard to protect the whole world, brave to fight with a god of war, Ares, has shown the feminist act (Williams 2017). Filming a women hero is not common to see, but most of the women are still stereotype in that they are the sex object to the male, yet Wonder Woman is different (Williams 2017).

When discussing the leadership that has been shown in the movie of Wonder Woman, there are one of the leadership called transformational leadership, which mean the leaders which are productive could inspire others to do things and work for an aim (Bass & Avolio, 1990). The feminine lead of this movie, Diana has to show perfectly her leadership when she inspiring them to work forward and antagonize with Ares, the god of war (Urick 2018). The leadership that been shown serve a good role model of feminism that women are strong and rationalism, having the capability to solve the difficult things (Ibarra, 1999). Besides, the servant leadership that has been portrayed by Diana in Wonder Woman, had given a different appearance of women that break the stereotype. A woman leader is usually soft and emotional too (Bell & Nkomo, 2001), yet Diana did not show those characteristics, she acts to serve others and lend a hand by caring to them.

Wonder Woman brings the positive side of women to the audience masses. Women are strong and brave. In the film, Diana is manifest oneself that she is training to protect her home; going for World War I to fight for peace; leading others to win the fight. She is the hero that deputy the status of women, showing her brave and be eager to help people to save the small town from fighting in the war (Urick 2018).

Women have the capability. In the film, Diana did not know she is a God, in her life, she believes in her own capability, actual strength and potential (Poetofthepiano 2017), but not rely on fortunate. It brings out that a successful female does not only rely on male or others felicity but own strength.

However, there are still having the deficiency side in Wonder Woman. Although the film had broken the stereotype of female, facilitate a takeover by showing the feminism of female. Howbeit, at the last of the movie, Diana still need the help of Steve to protect and save the world. Although she’s the one who fights with the Ares, yet without the sacrifice of Steve, Diana would not be able to save the world from danger (Junf 2017). 


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