Work Experience: My Reflection by Karl Michael D. Matias


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During my work experience at SPiCRM Inc, I was fortunate enough to have experienced firsthand and learned, many sides of what goes into an outsourcing company, the general process of how a BPO Company is initially how they planned, developed, resolved and fixed completely the problem; as well as how much work and detail goes into every stage. Another valuable lesson I have learned during these 9 weeks were the many types of work and Technical Support Engineer must do, which in turn, have provided me with more insight into the different types of roles and responsibilities that I could do, as an Intern Technical Support Engineer.

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Reflecting my first day at SPiCRM Inc, it was one of the most memorable days of my time at work. After being introduced to everyone, I was handed a tender to work on, this instantly made me feel comfortable and made me feel as though I was part of the team. During the first week of work completing the tender, I was overwhelmed by the work and the responsibilities that were placed on me, but with the help of my supervisors and my fellow co-interns, who have had months/years of experience in the industry, I felt more confident and supported as I knew my work would be double checked and any uncertainties were explained. By observing and learning from them, I managed to pick up tips and learned different types of skills, from learning to communicate and deal with other campaigns.

My confidence grew rather quickly when I realized that I could give to these processes and better our activities. After everyone does their tasks I received a point for positive feedback. Everyone on the team liked the completeness of the tasks/activities, and the direction the EOD would take the tasks.

My internship also included other tasks. I took on more responsibility with the proper organizational unit. This meant I had to change the policy of the workstations with clients via active directories. I also had to work across offices to make sure that policy was applied and complete. I really enjoyed this aspect of the internship.

Working on tenders for the first few weeks was enjoyable for me as it did make me use all the techniques I learned at University in every stream of Information Technology that had been taught to us, namely; Network, Troubleshooting, Hardware, and Software. I realize this might not be the same everywhere and usually, Information Technology is complex that it under it is an Applications Software Developer, Computer Programmer, Data Analyst. Network Engineer, Quality Assurance Specialist, and so on. but I was happy that I had the opportunity to use all my theoretical knowledge and applied them to real‐life situations.

The second weeks all the tasks I was assign/activities that I met were all these same problems, And the work environment was easy to adjust because all my co-interns they are approachable and we are enjoying each other’s company to gain trust to one another, so we can easily help each other for doing activities/tasks. And throughout this week the tasks that was assign nor given to me I can easily do it through the help of my co-interns and supervisors.

There is one thing that I do feel that I could have done differently in my internship. And that is being involved earlier on in the activity I assigned them to do some activities. I would like to see the beginning phases of a task. These tasks include troubleshooting, cable grooming, and deployment of peripherals. I would like to know how we finish on task and how we find these opportunities to do it to enhance our skills. I would also like to see how we budget time for these jobs. Usually, by the time I work on the project, everything is in place. I do my work and try to stay within the time that I am allotted.

Through experience and observation, another valuable lesson that I learned while working at SPiCRM Inc. was to work as a team and be responsible for the tasks that assigned to as. I found that the workplace itself was relatively diverse from what I had observed working at SPiCRM Inc. There IT seniors and supervisors to it department all working in the one office. This large range of people have different strengths and qualifications and they work together and organize their work in sync with one another so that workflows and they can complete their work efficiently to present it to the client on time. This, in turn, manages to help the workplace become better as a team and therefore creates a good atmosphere in the working environment.

The work that I had to complete varied day‐to‐day depending on what activities were about to begin, or what tender was due. Some days were quiet, and during these days I would usually monitoring ticket monitoring and EOD/ End of Day that the company needed to update, such as forms (workspace, deploying peripherals etc.) and made sure that everything else in the database was up to date (proper organizational unit of the company). This helped me learn more about the company as a business itself and I felt like I had an input into the development of the growing company.

There were many days that were busy where a tender deadline had to meet, or a client might need something completed urgently. This is some way reminded me a lot of my late-night study sessions at university and how even in the workplace, it did not change.

Throughout the few weeks, I also had the opportunity. This is another aspect of Information Technology which I was glad I had the opportunity to experience. My responsibilities were to help my senior to update all the policy each workstation in the company by using Active Directory by Users and Computers. This was probably the most enjoyable part of my entire work experience at SPiCRM Inc to see the work that I was working on. This helped me to understand just how important each stage lessen all the problem of the computers.

Sir Limpangog said that working with BPO company would be the best way to get into the IT field. From there I could begin to develop my own work and use that to build a portfolio. It is hard to come up with things that have not already been done. In addition, based on own research I found out that technical support engineers are a mid-paying field. Although it is also a very difficult field to get into, however, in the end, the result is worth the amount of work put into getting into it. Until talking to Sir Limpangog I had no actual clue on how the IT field works. I seriously considered going into another field, but I decided to stick with Information Technology since it is something I really like.

If I think that I want to pursue the career field in which I interned, look for ways to continue gaining experience in that area. If there are relevant professional associations, find out if you can attend a seminar or take certifications to learned more and practices may skills.

On my work last week at SPiCRM Inc was positive. I was very happy with the number of things that I have learned and experienced during the 9 weeks of being an Intern in Information Technology with the company. I believe that National University should keep this aspect of the Information Technology course as it does give students with the experience needed to find a job.

Overall, I think the internship was a great experience that opened my eyes to some situations and processes that I was unaware of. I feel like the classes that I took did a great job in preparing me to step into a technical support position and excel in it. Once I have graduated I plan on pursuing a role in technical support within my company or find a suitable job. I am completely confident that my technical abilities matched with my new knowledge with make me a shoe-in for this role.

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