Work Life Balance of Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, and Microsoft

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Work Life Balance Of Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, And Microsoft

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The work life balance, though a broad term is truly amazing at Google. You are encouraged to pursue your passions outside of work and offered several opportunities and resources to improve your well being, most of them for free. Not to start about the much reported onsite amenities, such as gyms, swimming pool, massages and healthy food etc. Your colleagues and supervisors will be extremely understanding during your personally demanding situations. If you had construction going on at your house or you had a baby a few weeks ago.

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Both these events will force you to appreciate even more the value of flexibility to work from wherever or whenever you want and the awesome colleagues/supervisor who happily came forward to support your critical projects. People are always conversational and friendly. They had deadlines and projects but plenty of down time when they got to know each other, especially over TV shows and board games. The balance is good because it does not feel like people are separating their life from their work but finding a way to integrate both.

Work Life Balance in Apple depends on what you do at Apple. It also depends on your boss and your boss’s boss. Some Apple employees enjoy an ideal work-life balance while others may find the going a bit tougher. You do not work at Apple unless you are seriously motivated to work there. The ones, who are there for a check, or stock, are the ones who burn out first and fastest. There are people who were laid off more than once (back before the return of Steve Jobs) and still came back, because it’s where they wanted to be.

Facebook brings your family to you as a community, complete with movie nights. That's excellent for work-life balance. People are energetic and hardworking at Facebook, but you do end up competing with youngsters who don't mind working nights and weekends. There are some engineers who choose to work more than 50 hours a week but they have at least as many with families and other commitments who keep a more standard schedule. Work Life Balance is better at Facebook, however some employees who have to work more than others are not satisfied with their work life balance, as they have less time for them, their families and for other social activities.

Amazon is the worst place to be among the five companies. It's still a decent company but compared to the other companies, it just sucks. Depending on what team you are on at Amazon, you (as a software engineer) might be required to work nights and weekends. The company is cheap, there are no perks, or bonuses and your coworkers are unhappy. Work Life Balance (WLB) is nonexistent. Employees of Amazon have horrific work life balance stories about working there like working during Christmas and New Year’s Eve etc.

As much as WLB or working life balance is concerned, working at Microsoft is fairly stress relieving for some employees and full of stress for others. It provides some of its employees a world class facility, plenty of parking spaces, ergonomic desk, and unlimited free drinks, flexible working hours, on site shower, soccer/basket ball fields, and multiple grocery stores/restaurants are in the neighborhood. Sometimes, employees have to work late into the night or you have to travel a lot to deliver projects and frequent traveling by its own is very bad for your life balance as everything goes out of order (daily gym, diets, family duties, commute, and many other stuff).

Travel kills every social aspect in your life, although, Microsoft has very good and flexible expenses policies. You are selling your time as a consultant. Some jobs in Microsoft are hourly quota based. If you finish today tasks, you need continue working with other tasks because customer billing and internal accountability are by hours. The quota is hours based and you need to be in billable hours of minimum 1464 hours per year, which gives you very limited time to do other stuff. Other roles (tasks based) can really finish their tasks and then do other personal stuff.

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