Work to Live Or Live to Work

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Work to Live Or Live to Work

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  • Introduction
  • Live to Work Mentality
  • Work to Live Mentality
  • Conclusion


Nowadays, the human being are living in the industrialization era. With the rapidly developing of the world, people now stuck with the choice between living to work or working to live. This article will provide the reader both definition of what “live to work” and “work to live” mean, and finally is my personal decision about this topic.

Live to Work Mentality

In my point of view, "Live to work" refer to a kind of person who is addicted and obsessed with working, others called - the workaholic. It means "job" is the main and only goal that they want to achieve in future. In addition, the workaholic always expects the job to be 100% perfect, quick completion and high efficiency as possible. Consequently, the workaholic pushing themselves to the limits of overwork and become the victims of depression The question is ”Can you endure the boring work you are doing by sitting in a paperweight or counting a list of the number which you hated so much?”. In real life, many people’s daily work repeat for hours and have no excitement. Of course, no one can blame them, because it is the work they have to do to survive in society.

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Work to Live Mentality

“Work to Live” for several people including myself seemed to believe that is the easiest way to pursue passions which people willing to sacrifice one thing you have to get more just because you desire to get it. For example, if it’s up to me: I could proud of a low paid job and stay in my hometown just because I volunteer for it. And would not let anything confined my way. For this reasons, I definitely choose ” Work to Live” to become my goal in the future. Follow the heart to be succeeded.


To sum up, these are two completely different lifestyles. And for each person, their definition changes and is determined by its owner. For me, as mentioned above. In the case of having to choose one between two, I would ready to give up a boring job and find another one that really suits me. Due to I always cheerful and proud to think of it.

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