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Worker’s Diversity in a Modern Workplace

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According to Mazur (2010), diversity can be seen as a “double-edged sword”. Knowing how to manage a diverse workplace can improve its productivity. Issues regarding diversity are now considered important and will be even more important in the distant future because of the constant growing and increasing population led by globalization and immigration of different races. A report entitled Workforce 2000, Johnston and Parker (1987) predicted that a bigger part of a workforce in the U.S would consist of a different ethnicity and wider range of people of color than the existing majority of the white men in the work place. It is also said that there are three dimensions of diversity and those forms can interact with one another producing somehow different and similar effects to the workplace.

Diversity is understanding of individuals uniqueness and differences, this usually happens inside the company, that is why workers diversity in the modern workplace is very essential because it may increase the commitment of workers to work for your company. According to Beggins (2018), diversity is important because if a specific group of people have similar thinking, similar identity and similar characteristics, those people can be perfect companions for each other and will have a good relationship with each other but they may not be as creative because they agree with others idea because they have a similar thoughts. Leonard (2017), Rice (ND) & Beggins (2018) suggest that every company should have place and a platform of policy in implementing a diverse workforce. Having a diverse workforce will help the company to achieve a high morale and the workers may encourage themselves to be themselves, share innovative ideas and support one another and their productivity will increase. Overall, workers diversity in the modern workplace is important because it will help improve individual characteristics and perspective and having a diverse workplace can help the company grow.

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Having an effective workplace diversity can have a big impact to an organization. Workers can increase productivity, creativity and also can solve problems regarding any matter inside a workplace. Work diversity can be effective if the management gives support to the employees in a way of providing proper compensation, health care and employee appraisal. Workers are able to feel that they are part of the organization regardless of their differences by giving constant dedication and hard work which helps the company’s growth of profit and efficiency. However, there will be factors that can make work diversity to be unimplemented in some companies. This may be very costly, if an organization aims to effectively establish a diverse workplace. Managers, supervisors and employees should undergo a diversity training which will give them enough knowledge about interacting with clients and employees. Some training programs require high travelling and participation cost but according to Ferreira and Cortzee (2010) having diversity in a workplace is a part of workers’ retention and interest. Planning to make the workplace productive is important and innovating the workforce in order to increase the company’s competitive advantage.

Also, McKinsey & Co report says that US public companies with diversity on their executive board have a 95% higher return of investment than those without. Nevertheless, the decision of the company to diversify or not to diversify the workforce depend on the management and the company’s culture and its business program, since the state of being diverse of the company can have a positive and negative impact on an organization. It will also be the company’s responsibility to determine the ideal strategies that will be suitable for the organization.

Diversity is more than a moral obligation or a societal goal. It is a business imperative. The organization should promote a culture that embraces differences and accepts unique talents.

In today’s society diversity can be found everywhere even in a modern workplace. Diversity is not only ethnicity and race it is an important characteristic for any organization which can help accentuate approval of differences which is necessary for the organization’s competitiveness. Diversity management is all about finding and correcting misunderstandings about the differences of groups and applying the most effective way to use each employee’s skills and talents. It is when a person focuses on each person’s skills and talents that can help the organization than focusing on the person’s ethnicity or race. According to Thomas (1990) diversity management is used by different organizations that are looking for ways to provide their employees a workplace that would help them use their ability and potential to the fullest while pursuing their organizational objectives. Diversity management aims to balance all the needs of an organization while allowing people with differences who have various outlooks to have a role that will help the organization.

Workforce always battle diversity issues every day. They are required to meet everyone’s quota for employees race and gender. Social issues promotes acceptance and respect, despite of all their differences in race, age, gender, sexual orientation, or communication styles among employees. Diversity have the biggest social issues in a workplace such as accommodation of beliefs, ethnic and cultural differences, gender equality, physical and mental disabilities, generation gaps, language and communication. However, discrimination and a lack of respect creep into a work environment, conflict among employees becomes inevitable. Bullying is a major problem everywhere specifically in offices, communities, homes. Not only a problem of youth but is one of that spans all ages. Despite of volumes research, countless “anti-bullying” programs increased scrutiny by the media. Therefore there are many benefits to having a more diverse workplace which are results from employees having a wide variety of demographics and backgrounds. In fact, companies that have different minds come together to achieve a common goal, that the result can be monumental. Also having diversity, inclusion and social problems in the office can cause unhappiness as well as related issues of high employee turnover and low retention. Letting social issues affect your business may cause discrimination in a workplace.


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