Workforce Diversity as One of the Challenges Organizations Face Nowadays

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In our recent days’ Companies are facing extreme change due to latest technologies, fast growth of knowledge, globalization of business.

One of the most challenges encounter organizations today is overseeing workforce diversity in a way that both appreciates the employees’ distinctive attitudes and advances a common purpose of corporate identity.

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Workforce diversity variety is a generally new prodigy. Four primary components characterize the development in workforce decent variety around the globe. The ability to correlate having a diverse workforce and bottom line development is problematic to attain and cannot be systematically gauged or documented as with other HR policies.

An excellent method to handle on how diversity and inclusion may affect performance is by reflecting on the theoretical reinforcements of such a relationship. Fundamental the substance of the research on variety are the theories of social identity and social classification.

Inclusion theory proposes that to the amount that organizations fulfill employees’ need to be appropriate while still retaining their distinctiveness, employee job fulfillment and creativity may be improved, and occupational pressure and intentions to leave, diminished. Diversity, and inclusion in organizations can best be reached with a top-down, bottom-up strategy.

Diversity practices within an organization turn as an indication of its commitment to maintain employees from all backgrounds. A thriving diversity policy should communicate its goals in a way that structures diversity as a challenge and a prospect rather than as a threat or obstacle to overcome.

No two persons are similar. Human diversity starts from there. Regionalism, racism, cultural change, behavioral change, etc. Organizations now days are becoming more and more multicultural. A distinctive corporate is developing as an ideal place of the diverse workforce concerning ethnicity, race, and gender. Some of the significant developments from HR policy concerning diversity management are:

-A large number of women are entering the work-force.

-Percentage of youth in the workforce also amplified.

Many policies can support diversity for example, Adaptable Workplace Agreements Policy, Learning and development prospects and hiring policies, which must have the primary role in establishing an situation in which staffs are employed grounded on their knowledge and not their race.

Implementation face is the preliminary phase where the policy developers have to work hard on identifying the gap areas, the requirement of organizational aims, aligning corporate strategy with diversity management, recruitment policy updates, etc.

Workforce diversity means and what are the pros and cons of having a diverse workforce at a workplace. Workforce diversity means merely the variety of differences between people in an organization. It includes race, gender, ethnic group, cognitive style, education and many more qualities of people.

For employees to work effectively, it becomes necessary for human resource professionals to deal effectively with many issues such as flexibility, compatibility, communication and most importantly change.

Successful organizations are those who were able to recognize instant actions and ready and willing to spend resources on managing diversity at the workplace, taking benefit out of positive aspects of diversity and reducing the negative impacts of such variety.

Kunze, Boehm, and Bruch (2013) discovered that having diversity-friendly HR policies possibly will lessen the harmful effects of age diversity, hindering from managerial insights that older workers were less operational. Systems can send a sharp communication about the values and requested climate of the organization.

As HR Proefessional must incapacitating challenges and recognizing the gains of a diverse workforce thru the following:

1. Assessment of Workforce and Acquire diversity in the workforce plan in the place of work: Most of the thriving HR managers measure and evaluate their diversity process as an integral part of management and to adopt the survey provider for knowing the workforce diversity and implications as to challenges and the benefits.

2. Execute diversity in the Workforce Plan: It is necessary that HR managers and his team show a personal commitment. Managers and Leaders within the organization must be ready to integrate diversity policies into every aspect of the organization.

3. Change Resistance with inclusion: HR managers must try to entail every possible employee while developing and then executing the diversity initiatives in the workplace.

4. Equal Employment Opportunity Against Affirmative Action – EEO objectives to confirm that everybody, irrespective of race, color, sex, religion, national origin, or age, has an equal possibility for a job grounded on his experiences.

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