Working from Home Vs Working in an Office

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Working from home requires no commute time unless you consider walking from your bedroom to your workspace as commute time. However, working in an office requires commuting time. Some people spend at least an hour a day just to go to work and then come back home. This can be highly stressful for many people. This difference is a big deal to those who are always busy and complain that 24 hours in a day is not enough because it helps them to save time. By saving time to commute to work everyday, they can use that precious time to do other things if they are working from home. This allows people to complete their daily tasks more quickly and save them from the stress of being stuck in traffic. So what is bettter working from home vs working in an office?

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Loneliness is a feeling that is strongly felt by those who work from home. The thought of working from home is all sunshine and rainbows until the hard reality kicks in where one starts to feel lonely. This is because as humans, we crave human interactions however working from home limits one’s interaction with others. People working from home start to feel less connected to the outside world as their job is to be done in their house. When someone works in an office, they get positive reinforcements by their workmates who assure them that they are doing a good job. This does not happen to people who choose to work from home.

Besides, working from home permits one to take care of their loved ones such as their children, old parents or pets easily. New parents should consider working from home if they want to be hands-on parents when it comes to raising their kids and if they do not want to hire a nanny or ask their parents to look after their kids. Some people have parents that are old and need to provide care and comfort for them, therefore their best option is to work from home. Having a pet requires it to be fed on time and requires high levels of attention so by working from home, this problem can be solved.

Moreover, less motivation for career growth is experienced by people who work from home. This is mainly due to the fact that there is less competition when someone works from home. They do not have anyone supervising them nor do they have many deadlines to meet. This inhibits them to not put enough hard work when getting tasks related to work done. This is a prime cause for them to not have much motivation to climb the career ladder.   

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