Workplace Violence: Cases of Racism in the Workplace

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Racism is discrimenation and antagonism of others race. Most people think racism is about people’s skin tone but its not. Biologically, race doesn’t exist. It was just a term used by the spanish in 1406 to separate the immigrant and local people. It was never made to discrimante other people but in 1789, the word ‘Negro’ was used to discrimante the black minority (slaves) in the US. We hope to learn how racism started and how slavery links with it. Right now there are two different types of racism.One is called institutional racism and another one is called structural racism but were only going to talk about structural racism because racism is already a huge topic.

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In 2014, 56 year old,Timothy Kaufman was stabbed to death by James Jackson in Midtown, New York. James Jackson only killed him because he hated black people. This is an example of hatred that can be filled within racism. The acts that some specific people perform to show that they are better than the black minority are abusive and discriminatory. It was mostly because of white people who thought that black people worthless and nothing to them. As a result of this the white population used them as slaves.

Racism has affected many people to getting prison sentences between 10-30 years. Even though 14% of black people who are involved in drug related crimes are arrested, another 23% of black people are arrested for nothing. Another major point is that African-Americans are 33% more likely than whites to be detained while facing a felony trial in New York.Racism isn’t just about black people it can also affect latinos, white (hispanic) and normal white. A survey in 2011 revealed that 52% of non-hispanic whites expressed anti-hispanic attitudes.

Some people could experience racism in the workplace. Racism in the workplace usually manifests through the form of microaggressions. These are subtle, indirect or even unintentional acts of discrimmination. The US set up organisations like the EEOC ( to prevent racism in the workplace

Some celebrations are affected by racism (such as St.Nicholas Day).In this celebration, the dutch people celebrate christmas but there’s a twist,there’s one elf who’s black and many people believe that this is a sign of racism in the Netherlands.The name of the elf is called black Pete and he looks like a black teen with huge red lips and earrings.

Racism affects individuals in many ways, it can cause ongoing feelings of sadness, depression and being left out, it can also trigger suicidal thoughts.  

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