Importance to Have World Humanitarian Day

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Hello good steemians, welcome to my blog today, as we all know today is marked InternationalHumanitarianDay, and I have a little piece to salute humanitarians around the world……enjoy ..As I join my fellow colleagues to celebrate the International Humanitarian Day. I am tempted to write about the kind of life that we live as a person and how so many of us have been inhumane. imageimage from unsplash I was passing through Agege Total and I could see the number of kids begging on the street. I could see hope in their eyes, only if someone could take care of these kids and give them the right education, they can break the cycle of poverty in their family. I could see child labor and I asked myself, how did we get here? I had to give the water I was holding to one. Often, we talk about not blaming the Government, it is because you and I have access to quality education! It is because we have alternatives, that’s why we are cool. Some people are not just cool and it requires early interventions and education mobility. We have to hold the government for those kids. It shouldn’t be that way. I understand that in some countries they know where their tax is going to but we pay taxes.

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The bank charges VAT and some other companies. Who is held accountable for those taxes? Those kids can enjoy good education, when taxes are utilized. Not only that, I was crossing through the berger overhead bridge and tears nearly dropped down my eyes with the number of beggars on the bridge especially the disabled, who did they wrong? How come do we have leaders who lack empathy? I deeply reflected and I said, “What if we think that, the kid, beggar on the street might be our kid” The old woman begging on the bridge might be your mother. That child who couldn’t have food to eat and eat in the dustbin might be your sister. imageimage from unsplash We need to start putting others in our shoes. We need to restore the human back in humanity. We need to start mirroring the change we want to see. We need to ask, what if everybody were like me, how would the world be ? I celebrate all Humanitarians blazing the trails and ensuring that the lives of others become better. I celebrate all Humanitarian defining themselves beyond the Government to ensure that kids on the street have access to quality education. To ensure the Nigerian Child have access to quality health care and create safe spaces for young people. I celebrate all humanitarians who often question their existence because they are being challenged for doing the right thing. Whether from their family or friends. I celebrate you all who embody the right type of value and speak the truth! I celebrate everyone doing one or two little thing in your own little corner to ensure sustainable development. I celebrate you all. The future is secured for the future generations because of your little. Don’t give in! Keep working. Remember, because of your little, somehow, someone, somewhere is happy!

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