World War Z: Movie Review

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World War Z: Movie Review

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A lot of movies have been done depicting the zombie apocalypse. Every scary movie director’s goal is to scare their audience by using the perfect techniques and incorporating an interesting plot. While a majority of zombie movies have flopped or failed to capture the interest of its audiences, others have done tremendously good; World War Z is one of them. The movie is a personal story of Gerry Lane’s actions when the zombie apocalypse starts, he tries to ensure the safety of his family while trying to find the cure for this “incurable sickness”. World War Z is a movie that is impressive on every level as its plot, characters/casting, scenes, and cinematography all fuse together to create such a wonderful masterpiece.

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The movie begins with Gerry, his wife Karin and their two daughters stuck on a heavy traffic in Philadelphia. This is where the zombie epidemic starts and infects the whole city. Like an infectious flu, the chaos spreads from city to city. Gerry and his family are sent to a U. S. Navy vessel where the survivors are held together with scientists and military personnel that are analysing the worldwide zombie outbreaks. It is while they are here that a secondary character claims that what makes people turn is because of a virus and the only way to get rid of it is by making a vaccine and finding the source. Gerry then agrees to help but only to keep his family safe in the ocean away from all the zombies. He goes to Jerusalem since it is the only place that is safe due to their big wall. Once he gets there, everyone there is being loud and celebrating and that causes the millions of zombies to pile against the wall and jump over it, letting them in the safe zone. Gerry investigative eye helps him realise that the zombies do not attack sick or emacipated individuals. With this knowledge in mind, he decides to go to the WHO facility and shares this with the researchers in hopes of finding a cure. I think the plot is very interesting since they added a new twist to the typical zombie movie. The zombies are fast, they don’t attack sick people, once someone is bit turn in a matter of seconds, and the setting is all around the world. It is not centered around what society is used to thinking about zombies.

The movie is centered around the main character is Gerry Lane, a former employer of the United Nations, who goes around a zombie infected world trying to find a cure and keep his family safe. Even though he doesn’t have much character development, since he is mature and fearless throughout the whole film, the way he delivers his lines brings out hope in that society and that makes the whole movie intense and heartwarming. The actor Brad Pitt was perfectly casted for this role. His fit physique accentuated all the stunts he had to do for the movie, showing that he was qualified to be put on such an important mission, that not only affected him but the world. His lines are laid back but proffessional at the same time, which matches with his character since he doesn’t work for the United Nations anymore and is dedicated to his family. The movies’ pace starts at an all-time high and continues increasing until the climaxwhen it suddenly falls and ends.

The events in the movie leave one at the edge of his or herseat unable to guess what will happen to the entire world in the next scene. There are somany instances within the movie where one honestly thinks that the main character is aboutto meet his fate the same as the rest, however, his life is spared. The initial scene for example,as the movie begins, with zombies everywhere, one instantly thinks one member of his family is going to die and that will cause him to accept the mission, but that was not the case. The movie is filled with tension and activities in every scene. At the military airport, in Jerusalem, and at the WHO facility, lives are taken away in such gruesome scenes thanks to the movies’ cinematography. The zombies in this movie are not the usual lazy, tired, and boring corpses. Instead, they are fast and stealth that makes their ability to devastate an entire city within hours. The fact that victims once bitten by the zombie take less than five minutes to transform makes events happen fast to the advantage of the movie. Additionally, the set pieces are rather uniquely done.

The wall around Jerusalem, for example, with zombies around the wall trying to find their way in, leaves one catching his breath. The visual effects add to the overall effect of the set pieces chosen. World War Z is a notable apocalyptic horror film. The huge budget used in making this film clearly newer went into waste as the directors clearly utilise an interesting plot, good cinematography, notable scenes, and good casting. While a number of movies of the same genre have flopped, it is clear why World War Z still remains a favorite of mine and is on its way to making a sequel.

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