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The most evident thing to me out of this entire experience was this: the fighting may be fake, but the passion (both from fans and the actual wrestlers) is undeniably real. When these entertainers are flying around the ring at full speed, accidents are bound to happen at some point, One instance of this was when two wrestlers were throwing one another into the ropes and building up speed in the ring. One wrestler went for a running knee actually connected, knocking the tooth out of his opponent. One intercontinental champion one got told by the General Manager who also used to fight “There’s no gentle way to say it-to me, you wrestle like a coward.

You wrestle like someone who’s afraid to get hit.” The same wrestler once got told by another wrestler that he wrestles like a person pretending to be a wrestler. The intercontinental champion once told the GM “The reason that I wrestler the way I wrestle is because I can do it day in and day out all the time for 10-plus years. I have never ever have been injured. I don’t get injured for six months to a year. I am here each and every week.” He told the GM this because he had to retire from wrestling after an injury forced him into retirement because of his rough, realistic,demanding style of wrestling like this for 16 years.

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A woman wrestler took a really bad spill that looked accidental and scary, but wasn’t hurt at the time,but she ended up taking a leave of absence. She also backflipped onto her head last year and then she scorpioned herself on the hard floor after jumping from the ring after she won the women’s title. One wrestler got slammed into a ringside barrier where he dislocated his shoulder. Afterwards it was determined that he needed surgery and would be out for four to six months. A legend wrestler who was critical of one wrestler when he accidently broke another wrestlers nose he said “I take no great pleasure in saying I told you so, but if you’re a professional wrestler and you keep hurting opponents and/or yourself, clearly you’re doing it wrong.” This blurred line between real violence and Hollywood stunt work is exactly what’s so compelling about wrestling. It’s why real fights that break out in the ring are celebrated. Some of the things that happen may or may not be real, but there are some wrestlers that you can tell don’t like each other and their fights get pretty physical and there’s more chances for them to get hurt.


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