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Writing Rules And Conventions

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During the second week of class, the writing rule discussed was about critical thinking and analysis. Foremost in order, critical thinking is a method of skepticism presented toward the reading material. Suspicion will guide to the understanding and interpretation of the topic sentences, themes, and thesis of the reading material. Another writing rule discussed was about analysis. An analysis is implemented to make the reading material clear and understandable. A summary can be used to construct an analysis. There are many different variations of summarization. As an example, a reverse outline. It is a synopsis of relevant knowledge per segment of the reading material.

On week three, the writing rule introduced was about the analysis of the expository material and exploring strategies. Starting with the review was writing a summary draft based on the reading material using a reverse outline. Leading to critiquing the article based on the summarization made. Then writing an effective topic sentence was also explained to understand the topic and the controlling idea (Gaetz & Phadke, 2018). By recognizing these components acknowledges the importance of a proper main sentence and should be followed by the supporting details. Ending the class with the exploring strategies consisting of freewriting, brainstorming, questioning, and clustering (Gaetz & Phadke, 2018). These approaches are utilized to efficiently group information before constructing a learning material.

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Week four was composed of analysis and discussions. The writing rule discussed was about the examination of discovery questions. The commentary was to make a version of the article in a reverse outline. Followed by conversations related to the inquiries of the material. The communications were considerably deep and productive.

The writing conventions during the second and third week were the main point, the supplementary information, and the context. These are the examples: the main point in the expository article, ‘A History of Snake Oil Salesmen,’ implies snake oil is symbolic of fraud (National Public Radio, 2013). The supplementary messages that support the main idea are the following sentences: the generalization or stereotyping of the American westerns, the usage of the term snake oil in a derogatory and evocative manner, and the unfairness treatment towards the snake oil history (National Public Radio, 2013). The context of the expository is about discrimination.

The writing conventions presented in the fourth week were the subject, the genre, and the setting. These are the examples from the course reading. The topic of the course reading entitled, ‘My Escape to Iran’ is the author, Bibinaz P. (Salon, 2014). The genre of the course reading entitled, ‘My Escape to Iran’ work is a personal narrative. The narrative happened when the author was fifteen years old (Salon, 2014). The setting was in America leading to Iran (Salon, 2014).

I plan to realistically incorporate the writing rules in my academic projects by conforming into them. First, I will apply critical thinking to enhance my knowledge. Next, I will analyze all my readings with the reverse outline as I find it befits me. Last, I will include exploring strategies in my school ethics to improve my grades. Overall, these writing rules are remarkably advantageous in and out of school.


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