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Steve Jobs (February 24, 1955 – October 5, 2011) was the Chief Executive Officer of the world renowned computer maker Apple and Animation Studio Pixar. Animation studio has created amazing animations such as Toy Story, Finding Nemo, Monster Incorporated, Wall-E, Up-By-Pixar. Whether or not the technology is acceptable, Stib Jobs likes it much. So the convocation of the Stanford University of America – started with Steve Jobs’s speech in 2005. The speech he gave in the convocation of a young young meritorious student on June 12 of that year is really remarkable. Translated by Simu Nasser First of all, tell a truth. I have never graduated from university. So I did not even need to attend any of the convocation items. More than that, I am looking forward to the conventional convocation of a university today. So I feel very honored to be present at this convocation ceremony of one of the best universities in the world. I’m not talking about any thing today, just three stories I’ll tell you. Nothing beyond that.

My first story is the story of closing some isolated point In the six months of the admission, I reciprocated at the Reed College. Even though there was still about one and a half year there, I did not want to take it for study. So why did I drop out?

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It’s started before my birth. My real mother was an unmarried young woman. He was then studying at the university. It is not possible for me to take charge of my maintenance. He decided, to adopt me to anyone who has a university degree. The decision was taken by a lawyer and his wife would adopt me. But at the very last moment, it was found that no one in this couple had a university degree, especially the lawyer gentleman could never cross the high school’s boundaries. My mother does not agree to sign the papers. After many incidents, the couple promised that they would definitely teach me at the university, then the mother’s mind was a little confused. He signed me on paper and handed me over to them.

17 years after the incident. They really got me admitted to the university. But I chose to be a fool, a university whose study costs are almost the same as that of Stanford. All of my poor parents’ money was going behind my education. At six months I realized that it does not mean anything. I have no idea about what I want to do in life, and I did not even understand how university studies will help in this regard. But I have spent all of the money in my parents’ whole life for this meaningless education. So I decided to leave university and thought that everything will be alright. Though the decision seems awful but now when I look back, it seems that it was one of the best decisions of my life. Immediately after leaving the university, I was required for a degree but I stopped taking my disadvantaged courses, there was no obligation, I started looking for my interests.

The whole thing can not be called romantic anyhow. I did not have a room, my friends sleeping on the floor. By returning the used coke bottle, I used to earn five cents, which used to buy food. Every Sunday night I used to walk seven miles to the Harekrishna temple to eat just one bella good food. I really like it This good connection was important.

At the time the Reed College was taught the best caligraphy in the country. Everything on the campus, including the poster poster, was done with excellent handwriting. Since I was no longer in the normal course, I could take any course if I wanted to. I got admitted to the Caligraphy course. Learned to reduce the space between different letters of serif and san serif, we learned how to do good typography. It was a really beautiful, historic, art art outside the bounds of science. I found fun in it.

I did not think that the calligraphy thing would come in my life in real life. But after 10 years when we designed our first Macintosh computer, the whole thing was useful to me. That was the first computer, which used to be pretty typography. If I did not take that calligraphy course, then the Mac computer would not have any typefaces and proportional distance characters. And since Windows has copied this fonts directly to the Mac, it can be said that there were no such fonts on any computer. If I did not leave the university, then I would never have been in the Caligraphy course, and the computer might have never had such a beautiful font. While at university, it was impossible to obstruct these isolated incidents, but after 10 years, it was a very clear one thing.

Again you will never be able to tie the isolated incidents in one yard by looking at the future. It is only possible to look back. Therefore, you have to believe that the isolated incidents will once again become a meaningful thing by going into the future. You have to trust your destiny, life, work, something or something. It never failed me, but rather did the opposite.


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