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You Should Always Be Yourself

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You Cannot Change Your True Self

If you change your teeth, hair and ears, your nose and your appearance again and again… There is one more thing; You cannot change your true self. It is a perfect creation built in us. It’s your life, your true identity, even if you deceive others. No alteration can overcome it.

God Made You the Best

Trying to be Mr. White or Mrs. Black is not essential, because it’s as perfect as the creator has set you up. Each one of us, whatever its faults, always has an essential characteristic even if it is tiny. You can never create a being as beautiful as what God has done. You are not God, and you can never be God. I knew why it made you a laptop and not a desktop computer, a CPU and not a minicomputer. Your identity sets it apart, but it depends on how you like it.

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The identity that God has given you can never leave you. Finding another identity only makes you less. God creates every man with fear and wonder; the beauty you need is your real being. That’s how you were created. Never try to create a disability when God has designed you as a skill, not a photocopy in which God has conceived you as an original. Why try to be mean when God has made you good? Why try to be in darkness when you have the power of light?

God made you the best. Your scars are the beauty you bring to success. Do not let evil people say the wrong words to make you do harmful things in this world.

Never Pretend

Do not pretend your identity when you meet people. It might be time to receive the miracle you expected. Do not tell lies for shame; your pain today becomes a joy for tomorrow. Your ugliness becomes an advantage. Just learn to be better, not bitter. Do not pretend to smile. Everyone has their problems; the solution to your problem is not in the hands of another person, do not kill yourself if you can last longer.

Everyone in life is created in a beautiful way that one person loves and other regrets. Changing your name does not mean that it has become entirely new. Play your rhythm and not that of others. Let people see your light in you, not other people in you. Play your script. Let your real talent speak of your identity; All your originality is your real identity. Do it with your voice one day, go out beautifully. Make your voice softer and better and one day you will become a legend. Continue to practice the inner being, exercise it to reach a maximum size. Turn this bitter part into a better role.

Wanting to be another person is like self-degradation, which displeases the creator and also contradicts the first rule that says, ‘honor your creator and respect his works,’ which leads to your elimination when the correct changes are not introduced. So be careful, all are unique, entirely created. Whoever created us has created you so that you may derive his glory from you. It could be covered with dust, but inside, the diamond is buried. Those who made you deaf know it better, those who made you weak know it better, if you come from a separate house, God knows better. Everything improves only when one embraces the grace of truth and works with it for higher positivity. Do not hate your past. Everything is going to come. This is good news if you hold the positive side of you. What wonderful man/woman do I see in you? Everything has a reason why they are. Life improves when you carry the cross and work better to unload it. Trying to be another person only adds more burdens to your life, eliminates no responsibility.

Promote Your Potential

Someone taller than you is too tall; Someone less than you is too small. Your disability does not determine your ability. Be yourself so that people recognize the potentials you have, the truth about you will feel better if you tell them. You limit yourself by proclaiming someone else. Announce yourself. Promote your potential. Your scars are part of your beauty. If you come from a developing country, that does not mean that you will be poor, do not hide wealth when the only person your creator has designed to help you is at your side.

I like who you are, Worried to develop yourself. Be better than what people say about you. The best is simply in all things that are created and if you are yourself, the best comes from you. Your expression will be audible when you are yourself. We could make fun of him, but the worst has just been fooled.

Keep Your Balance

Learn how to appreciate how you were created. Do not underestimate yourself because tomorrow could be your big day and do not overestimate yourself tomorrow could be the worst. Keep your balance. Being yourself is an absolute sign of humility and dignity for yourself. Being humble will provide a brief description of our true tour, which will give a proper assessment of who is where and when it is.

Remember that you can be better known for who you are, the real name you are called. Do not be a photocopy; do not be another shade. Act as you are created. We are all imperfect, but it is good that you work in the right direction, your perfect being. You will detect the worst / the best of who you are. This allows you to rehabilitate yourself by relying on the ideal beauty. The best thing you can always do for yourself in all the situations or circumstances in which you find yourself is to be yourself. Do not change your perfect creation.

You are created wonderfully and gracefully. Your whole body is too beautiful.

All you need is a non-degrading brand change. Maybe you can show me a beauty without scars.


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