Your and Other People's Health as the Main Argument Against Smoking

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Consequently for active smokers, smoking eventually leads to disease or disability and nearly harms every organ system of the body. The use of tobacco and nicotine products currently remains the largest preventable cause of death and disease in the United States. However, Smoking and tobacco use causes more than five million deaths per year worldwide. Contemporary trends show that this will increase to more than eight million deaths annually by the year 2030. Smoking and vaping should be banned in the US because of the exposure to second-hand smoke, health risks that are involved for smokers, and cigarettes being highly taxed.

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There are fallacious rumors and beliefs, particularly claiming that “vaping is safer than smoking traditional cigarettes”, but that is not the case. Likewise, over seven thousand chemicals, seventy are known to cause cancer. However, research shows that cigarettes or any nicotine product consist of chemicals such as rat poison, radioactive elements (example: Uranium), and lead, but that is not the only main dangerous chemical found in cigarettes. Therefore, high levels of lead can cause brain and kidney damage. Inhaling these chemicals through a cigarette can result in health problems in the lungs, heart, nervous system, and brain.

For the younger crowd, using E-cigarettes or vape pens is the alternative motive. For instance, for safety reasons, the use of E-cigarettes should not be used as a safer option and is usually an excuse to smoke. Individuals under the age of eighteen are the customers who keep the tobacco companies in the business and as a result, Tobacco companies can not afford to aim at any other age group; studies have shown that adults over the age of eighteen are less likely to pick up the habit. The increase in E-cigarette use during 2017–2018 is presumably because of the recent popularity of e-cigarettes shaped like a USB flash drive, known as JUUL. These products can be used individually, contain a high nicotine content, and come in flavors that appeal to youths (“Use of Electronic”). That is exactly why the tobacco company has outsmarted folks and came out with flavors such as bubblegum, cherry, etc, making it seem like an argument that it has an “innocent appeal”. E-cigarette usage by high school students increased by seventy-eight percent between 2017-2018 (“Vaping is”). When individuals start young, the health risks are more likely to cause death or even risky health factors at a younger age. The life expectancy of a smoker is a ten-year decrease from that of a nonsmoker.

Being an active cigarette smoker is an expensive habit. Just imagine how much a smoker would save if they did not smoke. As a result, smokers could save about two hundred and seven dollars a week and over ten thousand dollars a year. A pack of cigarettes costs a little over five dollars. For example, citizens pay, whether the pen smokes or not. In 2004, smoking is estimated to have cost California over nine billion dollars in health care expenses, and as a result, the state spent about three billion on Medicaid/Medi-Cal.

People with asthma are especially sensitive to the stench of asthma. Luckily for the folks who hate the strong stench, some places ban smoking. Furthermore, public smoking bans seem to be very effective in reducing heart attack anattacksibly also help to prevent lung cancer and emphysema, diseases that develop much more slowly than heart attacks. Second-hand smoke is extremely toxic and it is everywhere you go when stepping outside. Statistics show that nearly half of children in the world are inhaling second-hand smoke. Second-hand smoke is often linked to asthma and lung infections. The non-smokers despise the smell of smoke and a public ban is being transpired in some public sites, especially indoor places and places with children. Being an active cigarette smoker is an expensive habit and the tax rise exploits and punishes addicted smokers as a result, higher taxes on smokeless tobacco means the use is minimized. Consequently for active smokers, smoking can eventually lead to disease or disability and nearly harms every organ system of the body. Cigarettes should be banned because the companies that manufacture them specifically make them addictive and thus, banning cigarettes will improve the health of all Americans and save the healthcare system billions of dollars. 

In conclusion. Many people who smoke report that they enjoy the feeling of smoking. Specifically, claim that smoking gives them a pleasurable feeling and that smoking relieves their nicotine withdrawal symptoms or perhaps stress, but there are consequences to those actions. Cigarette smoke is toxic in so many ways to the environment and wildlife. For instance, cigarettes are the most littered item in the country. The waste from cigarettes can drain toxic chemicals into the environment, leading to land, water, and air pollution, which is a huge problem. Therefore, with this argument in mind, please consider the health effects of cigarettes and the tremendous impact it has on any age group. Whether it is peer pressure, anyone being exposed to second-hand smoke in public, or even paying for Medi-Cal taxes.


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