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The wedding day can be marked as a red letter day in anyone’s life. It has to be a big affair for a couple, and destination wedding being the talk of the town you can always opt for some exotic locations to tie your knot with the love of your life. Marriage is a big deal, so are the events included in it. Minnesota has a variety of destinations offering the very vintage look to the classy styles they have arrangements for both, small or grand wedding locations too. Thus for the very special day in your life, if you have chosen Minnesota, then here are some of the locations in this place to have your wedding day set up just the way you want it to be.

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Stonewall Farms- Located in the central Minnesota of Willmar, this place has a classic look of wooden pavements and infrastructure and also gives a beautific view of the lakes as a backdrop even. This woodland is basically a 80-acre horse breeding farm, with a vivid look of everything that can be celebrated in the Midwestern style.

Barn at Five Lakes Resort- located in Frazee Minnesota this place is a resort surrounded by barns and a huge lake. The entire barn being of only timbre, this place is extremely cosy to spend an entire week of your event lounging with your quests and loved ones under one place.

Mill City Museum- located in Golden Valley, of Minnesota this place having witnessed the history for over the 100 years gives you a location like such. Soaring ceiling, old raw bricks and walls engulfed in them this place has a vintage touch in the most unique way. The couple looking forward to some gem of architecture as a venue then this place shall be the one.

The NP Event Space- looking for both history, architecture, simplicity and also a backdrop of a Solange music video then this place in Brainerd Minnesota is your getaway wedding destination. Offering woodlands to history and texture, this place has a different set of warmth for its visitors all appropriately. This venue is a raw warehouse with tables, and fine dining corner for a small yet gala event.

Broom Lake Barn- Being one of the most exotic locations of Minnesota this place is located in the Croix Valley of Shafer. The very stroll shall be amidst nature and within beautiful lawns all lush green. To decorate your wedding day with the best supplies for decoration match it along with the theme you have chosen. If you both are nature lovers and wish to tie knots just amidst one, then this place is the one, offering you large ceilings and wooden flooring for indoors and greenery for outdoors to soothe eyes.

Maywood Stone Barn- this place offers a total guest capacity of about 300 people in total. To add in personal touch, decorate your backdrops with some personalised handwritten goodies before you exchange the vows. The place adds in elegance with its lofty ceiling, old stone carvings. This place brings another flavour to your rustic celebration. From lofty hay wood, and greenery, the vows can be taken under the famous old oak tree o indoors everything can be done with views from within or outside the place.

Rubies and Rust- looking for both a shabby yet classy wedding venue? Look no more for here this place is your answer to all the mix and matches you have had in your head all the while before choosing a location for your D day. Vintage chandeliers, to lofty windows and high ceilings this place has a touch of chic within the rustic looks of it. You can have your own choice from the mismatched furniture to exchanging vows indoors or outdoors. The place takes no commission of food thus make sure that you do not go for high prices for food catering. The place offers local cuisines thus you can enjoy your favourites along with your favourites.

Green Acres- enjoy the most important day of your life covered in greenery and all smiles, as the name already suggests, the place is going to soothe the green quenching soul within you, to look at the love of your life with all your love.

Coop’s Event Barn- this place being a two storey destination, lets you exchange vows engulfed in nature and towering trees bending down, to moving upwards to enjoy the fine dining under the wooden flooring and personalised touch by the newlywed couple.

Outing Lodge- just realized that you do not specifically want to get hitched amidst the barns, just worry not for this place is not like most other barns filled with greenery yet gives out an aesthetic view with a touch of chic rustic wedding destination for the poised love in you.

Paikka-this beautiful brick warehouse is something that can offer you a dainty location for getting married for the place needs some different installations to make it stand out and give an artsy rustic look to picture grandeur in it.

Camrose Hills- a secret garden wedding is what most of us dream for and that is exactly what this place offers. Formerly being a dairy farming land has now developed into a nursery for beautiful flower beds and also a destination for open air wedding in general for the nature lover in both of you!

Rolling Ridge Wedding and Event Centre- if classic is your style then you are at the correct location, for this place is the masterpiece for rustic wedding destination. With a few touch of modern amenities this place shall be the one you are looking forward to if you happen to love nature and dream of exchanging vows underneath the old oak trees and other creaking babbling trees surrounding.

The above mentioned are the top 13 exotic locations in Minnesota to get hitched alongside your loved ones. The places are absolutely stunning and can be breathtaking to capture moments that are going to be cherished the entire lifetimes. Thus why wait more? If you already have a partner and wish to live the rest with them, go get hitched, and if you do not have one but are extremely inspired by the location- get a partner soon!

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