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The aim of this research was to identify the littering manner of students who studies at villa college, and to figure out how and why littering is unnecessary. We gave the questionnaire to 10 random students from Villa College to fill it out so that we would get the appropriate information to conduct the study. The questionnaire was specifically planned to determine what the students think of littering. Also whether they litter on daily basis as well as why they litter.

As estimated, littering was not regarded as a big worry in Villa College. We mentioned in the report how to decline the littering and if necessary, to get rid of the littering ultimately as we made a research about it.

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We would like to convey our heartfelt gratitude and appreciation for our lecturer Ms. Aiminath Adam for providing us this amazing chance to do this report on the topic “Students and Littering at Villa College”. Also a big thanks to our friends who helped us to conduct this survey and allowed us to gather the data we needed in order to finish this report within the short period of time provided.

Each and every community or organization has rules and regulations established for smooth operations. Guidelines or instructions are mostly provided to do things right. Rules are those guidelines or instructions which requires to be followed for the welfare of every single citizen. On the other hand, regulations are on the far serious end, as they are state enforced laws that may have severe penalties or punishments or both upon violation.

Breaking of a rule may not have as serious consequences to it as contravention of laws. At most cases, you would be displeasing or upsetting someone. But in the long haul the whole community may have to face the costs of it.

Littering has become a major problem in our society. People throw trash on streets and in to the sea as if it were their own backyard with no conscience to how they are impacting the environment. It is tragic that there are no laws to protect those precious ecosystems. Although our country does not have general laws regarding this uncivilized act our campus has strict against littering. However, these rules are not implemented properly hence we assessed the situation by conducting a survey within the campus.

This research reveals the items that are most commonly littered in the campus grounds, the percentage of our participants who have never littered, have sometimes littered and does it often. We constructed our questionnaire in way to understand the mindset behind these acts and if they are aware or unaware of the potential risks this may cause. Along with this we also have tried to find out how attentive they are about the social responsibilities in this community and who they consider to be accountable for a litter free and clean surrounding. We have also provided a platform to express the concerns regarding littering.

For this research we decided to make a questionnaire which is a simple method to collect more accurate data in a short period of time. After discussing we all came up with a list of questions individually and put a vote on to choose the best of the questions to include. Out of the 11 questions 10 were close ended questions where the participants were given options to choose from. We included only one open ended question to find out the opinion of the participants about litter in the environment.

Due to the global pandemic we had to carry out the survey online through Google forms. The participants were completely random. We sent out the questionnaire to our college viber group and managed to get only 10 responses.

To develop a result, data collected from 10 participants selected randomly from Villa College was used. Most of the participants were in the age group of 16-21.We got two participants who were 22 and above. To begin with, all the participants were asked to describe the college grounds to which majority of them agreed that the college grounds were slightly littered.

Next they were asked to identify the commonly littered items at college. All the participants acknowledged that food packaging items, paper and cardboard, plastic bottles/ containers were commonly littered on college grounds.

Then the participants were asked generally about their littering habits by giving them to choose between often, sometimes and never. A majority of 60% answered that they “never” littered. All 6 of them agreed that littering spoils the environment. The rest of 40% admitted to littering sometimes. Between the 4 who admitted to littering sometimes, 3 of them said that they cannot be bothered to put the litter in the bin, while 1 admitted to dropping litter accidentally.

Out of the 10 who took part in the survey, 60% of them agrees that the amount of students who drop litter are massively reduced since the college canteen picks up the litter left on tables. In addition to this all of the participants believe that all students, teachers and custodians should be responsible enough to pick up litter left on college grounds. Moreover when asked about their concerns about the litter in the environment, 9 out of 10 participants expressed how they are extremely concerned about it.

After examining all the answers from the participants in this questionnaire, we managed to reach agreement on certain issues. 80% of the participants agreed that the college grounds are slightly littered, however the remaining 20% of the participants do not find college grounds littered. So we reached upon a conclusion that college grounds are not at all heavily littered.

We analyzed the most commonly littered items at college and it turns out to be food packaging items and drink bottles/containers. The majority of the participants never drop litter because they believe that it is wrong and it spoils the background of the college. Although, a few participants agreed that they do drop litter some times. The reason why they drop litter is that they can’t be bothered to put it into the bin and some of them just drop it accidentally.

The fact that college has banned all the students and staffs from bringing plastic bottles plays a key factor in reducing the litter caused by it. Hence, there are water filters installed at different locations of the college, making it accessible for students and staffs to refill their water bottles without any trouble. Villa college provides every student and staff with a reusable water bottle so that the water purifiers installed all around the campus can be put to good use and single use plastic bottles can be fully banned. However, it is devastating to see that some students still bring them to college.

Maximum of the participants have agreed that all of the students are responsible for picking up litter on the grounds. Some of them has also responded to the fact that both teachers and custodians should also pick up the litter. In my view, it is everyone’s responsibility to pick up the litter since it is our college and we are the one who has to maintain the beautiful background of college.

It is concluded that all the school grounds are mediately littered due to the fact that 80% students have agreed that the school grounds are slightly littered. The school grounds get littered at some point by countable number of students, making the scenes of the grounds look dirty and weakly kept. The items that are littered are commonly tissues, food packaging, and rarely plastics and paper. We found that plastics were least of the litter, though in most places this might not be the case. The other 20% students however disagree. 

This might be due to the fact that there are students as well as teachers that have taken initiative to pick up litter that have been thrown on purpose as well as accidentally. As far as we have checked, most of the youth at Villa College is happy and proud that Villa College is a place that has very less litter. Even the slightest drop in the littering rate might cause an end to the littering at all. 

The environment which we choose to live has been a proper example of which our parents have guided us in our own homes. The youth believes the actions such as water dispensers and bins in appropriate places has taken action against littering already. Therefore, we have very little to manage as Villa College has been an exemplary college in taking action against littering even before the year 2020.

Most students do not know about the rules on littering and even the ones are aware simply don’t care enough. We believe that this is because they are not mindful towards the negative impact caused by littering. Our canteen tables are always filled with empty plates, packets and empty food wrappers, to counter this problem we could set up a rule to bring back the plates and throw the food wrap waste in to the bin. 

In addition, we can keep guideposts on each table to remind the students of this rule. An advocacy program can be included in the orientation week so that newly joined students are aware of the rules. If we want implementation of these rules to be more efficient, we will have to have stricter rules and severe penalties towards those who don’t follow.

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