Youth Engagement in Politics: Why Civics is Important

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As Mary Mcleod Bethune (1950) states “ We have a powerful potential in our youth, and we must have the courage to change old ideas and practices so that we may direct their power towards good ends.” The youth activism of Newsboys and Mother Jones Child labor remonstrated during 19th century led to formation of the American Youth Congress in the 1930s. Now, almost all the countries in the world, youth is engagement in politics is advocated by the leaders. Those countries that have democratic form of government are more influential to encourage youth engagement in politics. (Dalton, 2011) Bhutan is one of the counties among many where the king encourages the youth in politics. Since youths engagement in politics is seen as very important pillar in nation building, I want explain explicitly with required evidences from authors and my own comprehension and perceptions.

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To commence my perception, I being as a youth I deem that youth engagement in politics is significant because their political attitudes are molded by distinct practices and miscellaneous surroundings, therefore it is important for youths to study more about politics and engage themselves to direct their thinking to positive change. According to (Clinton, 2011) young people are at the heart of today’s great strategic opportunities and challenges, from rebuilding the global economy to combating violent extremism to building sustainable democracies. The involvement of youths in politics give a way to get involve in civics engagements which has wide scope because it includes charity works, health works, education etc… Political engagement gives birth to civic engagement which can also be articulated through voting. I believe that after youth participating in politics, the urge to help society like good political leaders is born in them. For an example: the political leader will always help poor people and try to bring development in the society. So, if the youths are engaged in politics, they will also try to do community services which help the nation as well as broaden their way of thinking of youths. The engagement of youth in politics thwart the youth from getting involved in undesirable activities such as abusing drugs, forming gangs, trafficking of drugs and so on. (Dalton, 2011) I strongly agree the statement as I have found out that youths who are engaged in politics are not involved in undesirable activities instead in beneficial and helpful tasks.

Numerous chances to provide youth revelations to the political atmosphere are: getting engaged in local youth councils which allow youth to confront with local leaders and given chances to see how local leaders make decisions and so on. Indirectly, by witnessing it, they learn how decisions will have direct impact in their lives. (Pitti, 2018) I also advocate the above statement because it can enhance the thinking of youth while making decisions in their lives. Moreover, they can learn to make farsighted decision like the local leaders which will have a great benefit later in their futures. For an example: There was a meeting how to bring development in particular gewog. So, some of the youths were also called in the convention. While local leaders such as Gup and Mangmi plan and decide, the youths will also learn to stage and make decision in every field of their life. Another profound way for youths to get involved in politics is to let youths do research on tasks and offices of their political leaders. This leads to exploring of how local leaders make decision and how they function to keep the community upright and strong. In a way, from it they learn to how to keep their family healthy. (Delton, 2011) I fully agree the above statement because well functioning of the community, the local leaders and people has work on mutual trust and respect. And same applies to have happy and healthy family life.

In nations of dictatorship, the younger generation’s new ideas and innovative leadership can assist to triumph over authoritarian practices. (Dalton, 2011) Protests led by youth leaders can force autocratic leaders to step down from rule, tolerating these youths to become part of formal decision-making. The youngsters face many issues on the earth, but these issues go unheard. Since the youngsters would better understand other young citizens, so I feel the best way to progress this newer generation would be through politics, which is a tool used to take action for civilization. Engaging youth in the politics is not only advantageous to short duration of time, but it builds the foundation to make great nation. The reason is that youths are leaders of tomorrow. (Dalton, 2011) For an example: the youth who are engaged in politics will also like to serve and help people. Then, they will vote and there are even chances of becoming a great political figure which will be a great benefit to people as well to nation. Furthermore, the youths who engaged in politics are found more active in nation building as the required skills and experiences for becoming the active citizens have acquired when they were youths. Even if they become a political figure in future, they will be a good one. (Warren, 2019)

Youth participation in politics is important as youth engagement leads to civic participation which include community services or social services like doing charity, doing cleaning camping and so on, and the tasks that benefit community. There are many chances to cater youth experience to the political atmosphere. Getting involved in local youth assembly permits teens to meet with local politicians and probably sit in on municipality council conventions. They are then given a firsthand look at how decision are made in local government, which is handy for them because they can see how these judgments have a immediate impact on their lives. And youngsters who engage in politics from young age become active citizens and voters of the country. 

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