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Thank you very much for seeing puppy wold Osaka Takashi store from among the many. I am Yuki Yasuda of Puppy World Osaka Takaishi store. This homepage posts information on dogs. It is updating every day. Originally it was only information on dog breeding information, but I decided to post puppy information on the occasion that my son is aiming for a veterinarian. As for me, I love animals rather than dogs originally, I grew up with dogs, cats, parakeets, rabbits, squirrels and chicks caught in a night shop from my childhood, raised my hands to chickens and took care of my injured pigeons. I always lived with animals, but I was not thinking about making that a profession. When it saw dogs and cats bargain sold at pet shops, it sells cheap? object? I had a sense of incompatibility and I thought that I do not want to enter the circle first I knew that work on animals is not just pet shops, but I was not in a genre that does work. But as I mentioned earlier, ‘My son is aiming at a veterinarian’, I began to read dog books and magazines, and I learned about the present situation in Japan. In television and news, I knew problems of poorly managed pet shops etc, but breeders should not increase Increase breeding method causes puppies with obstacles to give birth, face it nothing and sell it at a high price doing.I was quite shocked to know the current situation.

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And I was shocked to know the current situation that selling the pet with exhibition selling exhibited and selling just in Japan with the management system being very difficult and becoming sick. Actually when I was an elementary school I purchased a very small maltese at a pet shop. But as I got home I got any hood spit and diarrhea continued and weakened. There were no pet insurance at that time. Everyone in the family thought ‘I’m going to die’ in about a week, and I took him to the pet shop soon. Then she replied ‘Martinez’ who was in the store, ‘I will not match the house, I will exchange it.’ That maltese was enormously energetic and scooped up. The child lived for 14 years without a major illness and died quietly without suffering. About ten years have passed since then, it will always be noted in my dreams as soon as it is near the date of death. I thought that the first Martz really was ‘not fit for the family’, but in reality it may have been somewhat ill and weakened. Perhaps it was hard to tell it, it may have been expressed as ‘it does not fit the house’. I wanted to reduce as much as possible the dogs and owner who have sad feelings for some bad breeders so that they can breed with searching beliefs themselves, breeders just to sell them We consider puppies only for breeders who can give advice for individual puppies as well as the owners considering the dog instead of the dogs. So I also describe diseases that are prone to be found among dogs, but I also tell you how difficult it is to live and breeding methods, so the breeder-sized puppies posted on us are not particularly big diseases However, it is difficult to bark easily dog ​​breeds. If you have an owner’s favorite breed of dogs, if you have a margin, I would like to make a long lasting relationship not a one-on-one association. I will look for foster parents as much as possible even when I have to part with a dog for any reason. If you can understand, feel free to email us with cell phone or FAX I would be pleased if you could contact us. Then please slowly view our website.

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