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ZeroState: Helping To Improve Customers Loyalty

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According to a notable research, it was accounted that $25 billion of product sales was made via online adverts in 2016. These sales was as a result of huge traffic from the likes of Facebook and Google which has about 54 percent sales in all digital advertising market. Furthermore, online advertising market has been predicted to reach a massive growth by 2021. However, despite the exponential growth on the digital advertising market, it doesn’t fully key into an interaction mechanism to make information readily available to create a better understanding for users. As a result of this, there is a need for an emotional intelligence setup to emerged to help advertisers to improve the loyalty of their present customers.


ZeroState has come to the rescue by providing the first emotional intelligence setup in order to help the advertisers to improve the loyalty of their customers around the universe. This setup is founded on a blockchain tech and the setup has being in existence for the past two years in Russia and the team behind the setup are now ready to take the setup global. This setup has about 30,000 users already in Russia and the setup has helped many advertisers to communicate better to their customers and thus improve their products sales.

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The advertisers need to get their promotional campaign through the Zerostate app which provided them the channel at which they can get or access feedback from their customers. They can also use it to create attention and also increase sales. The participants of the setup will benefit from proper review comments from the advertisers. The benefit will be through Zerostate coins. The coin can be used as an exchange for the likes of BTC, ETH and can be sold in any secondary market.

What ZeroState Offers

Several people utilizes the search engine on a daily basis in order to find some informations they needed at a particular moment. This setup has a collaboration with iTunes and litres to make an emotional search add-in which is able to give advice or directions on musics and books. This kind of features can he applied to e-commerce sites like Amazon, Alibaba and a host of others. With this, the e-commerce industry can be upgraded from e-commerce l 2.0 to 3.0 with social network 2.0 where by people can explore their searches based on their basic interests. Zerostate also connect the users of this setup to the like minded within the community. This setup is also provides the participants who participates in the promotion campaign of the setup to earn some incentives.


With the advertising campaign on Zerostate, I am fully persuaded that companies around the globe will utilize the emotional features of this setup to improve their bonds with their customers and this will facilitates increase in sales. There are also rewards for the participants of this setup who participates in the growth of the project.


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