Zoom as a Happy Story Written by Robert Munsch

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Zoom as a Happy Story written by Robert Munsch

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Every person has different perceptions about disability, some might portray it just as another adversity in people, while the others might make it look like disable people can make a fortune. This study is a literary analysis of the book – Zoom, written by Robert Munsch who is an all-time favorite children’s author. He writes books mostly on the children he meets or sees while he goes for storytelling in different places. They are the children who then, later on, transform into characters for his new books. These children are mostly who beat the stereotypes by their full of life, charming and kind of ways that are obstinate.

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The story tells the readers how one can be disabled yet free to do according to personal will. One can certainly do anything while being disabled. In this book, the author tells how the girl is disabled and uses a wheelchair to move from one place to another. Lauretta, the girl on the wheelchair insists her parents buy her the 92-speed, silver, red, and black dirt-bike wheelchair (Mackelprang et al., 2016). She uses and exceeds a certain speed limit, due to which she gets a ticket. After this incident, her parents tell her to return the wheelchair and get one with a nominal speed (Pennell et al., 2018). Soon after that, an accident takes place with her elder brother and so she uses the ultra-power of the wheelchair to save her brother’s life by taking him to the hospital.

Disable people all around the world are considered to be special, are looked at differently and are usually treated as a separate group. While children grow up with some disability, they are aware that they are not normal as they see other children around them being perfectly normal (Lewison et al., 2017). They feel that there is something missing in them and understand that they need to be catered in the best way possible. Children are mostly influenced through books and their illustrations which they go through with their teachers and parents. Books like- Zoom assist in uplifting their morality along with raising their standards. Books portraying disability don’t always have to show the pity on the special children (Howe et al., 2015). Zoom is a manifestation of a disable girl which signifies that the girl is not to be pitied as she loves to travel on her wheelchair as her support.

Children aging from 3 to 5 years may not understand the literal meaning of disability, however, there are certain ways of letting them know about it. Books, particularly those with illustrations are written specifically to make them understand what disability actually is (Pennell et al., 2018). In his book – Zoom, Robert has provided evidence that all children perceive disability differently.

The book is a regular reminder that disability is not a weakness but power within itself. Children should be taken to support centres where they see children around them who are just like them, interacting with such people would assure them that everyone has something or the other missing in life. Talking about themselves will make them walk through their fears with disability (Mackelprang et al., 2016). Robert Munsch writes in this book making sure that Lauretta never defies her disability but tries different ways of making it portray in the best way possible.

The author, Robert Munsch makes sure that children read this novel and be motivated about themselves, the one who is handicapped and even the ones who aren’t. After reading this book, normal children were fascinated at the thought that even after having a disability, one can act normal as such people have different ways to make their lifestyle better.

Robert Munsch, the author of this story has hidden an extremely important message behind his humorous words. He himself wrote this book as per request to a girl on the wheelchair. He has depicted how Lauretta, the main character never lets her moral down due to she being on the wheelchair, instead, she is excited about getting a new wheelchair and tries to get the best model so that she can enjoy herself in her way (Mackelprang et al., 2016). In the story, we are told that Lauretta is not a normal child, but we are shown the fact that however she is, she is normal in her own way.

She never considers herself to be one of the special children who have to be pitied. Moreover, she tries to do extraordinary just by sitting in her wheelchair. She races fast and ends up getting a ticket which depicts the fact that she is more dominated over on the key to having fun rather than showing people that she’s having a hard time in her life (Lewison et al., 2017). Laurette even rushes her brother to the hospital after an accident and considers her wheelchair helpful in that case. She believes that her disability is her capability to do more.

As Robert Munsch is an author who picks real-life characters, he is also the one who writes stories that are inter-related to the life of those children. Zoom was another one of his picks on a girl who requested him to write a story on a character on a wheelchair. Later on, it became a big hit as the author had shown how a disable girl never fails to make herself happy and helps out people amongst her in time of need. Children who read this book were inspired by her, which also gave a boost to their morals.


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