Zoonotic Disease and Ayurvedic Treatment

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  • Abstract
  • Introduction
  • Zoonotic Disease
  • Worldwide Effect of Zoonotic Diseases
  • History and Importance of Ayurveda
  • Ayurvedic Treatment
  • Ayurvedic Agencies
  • Conclusion


Zoonotic diseases are infection that transmit from animal to human. To deal with diseases traditional method is used. These treatment has no extra side effect on the body while recent medicines have bad effect on the body that can damage the others cells or tissues. In this article lets see the review of literature to show importance of ayurveda for the control these comminicable diseases. Zoonosis kill a lot of population throughout the world that can also effect livestock that can lead to distroy economy of the country. Ayurveda vaccines are used to eradicate these diseases but it may a great task how vaccine are injected therefore oral vaccine are made that is used. Ayurveda has long roots but we need to explore their hypothesis, therefore several organizations work on it.

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Zoonotic diseases are the diseases that’s transmit from animal to human called zoonotic diseases (khurana K.S et al.,2015). At the time of second world war its pathogen appear globally and effect the middle and low developing country as India. From 1940-2004 world wide analyses of pathogenic disease show that 60.3% diseases were zoonotic that is spreading vigorusly. It may effect people health from last few decades. (Chatterjee P et al.,2017). Zoonotic disease mostly occurring in those people that have close contact with animal in different center and also due to personal pleasure(khurana K.S et al., 2015).14000 year ago zoonosis effect human health as when he keep animal as pet ( dog , cat) and for dairy purpose as goat, sheep and cattle etc. Zoonotic disease have different way for its transmission either 1)Direct transmission by contact .2)Indirect transmission by air or other sources. From the prevention of disease it is need to eradicate it in early stage of infection( Shukla N et al., 2012). 60% human disease is caused by zoonosis 75% is due to zoonotic pathogens (Shahid N at al.,2016). Zoonosis have great pose of risk to pregnant women child and person who use medicine already. Zoonosis have world wide distribution that lead to decrease in number of human and animal that ultimately leads to poverty (khurana K. S et al.,2015). Plague is 2nd sever disease that kill milion of people around the world .14 -17 centuries 200 million death occur in Europe by black death pandemic, salmonella cause million of illness and 4 hundred death per year, Norovirus cause 19-21 milion illness while 570-800 death per year, Australia has 30_% illness case and England and Wales have 8 % illness due to zoonotic pathogens etc. thus zononotic pathogen has severely effect human beings (Shahid N et al 2016). Since zoonosis has deletoriouly effect people therefore it is need of hour to control it. In India in 2008 RCZI project was introduce that work on the prevention and awareness of zoonosis. At government standard efforts also use for zoonosis(Sekar N et al 2011). For the manage, cure and identify diseases in 2014 GSHA program was introduce. In 2017 59 countries cowork with this initiative for the management and awareness of disease. By the collaboration of different program several zoonotic disease are under limit. These sector aware people about zoonosis and lead to successful management of disease(Shiferaw L.M et al. , 2017).The purpose of ayurvedic treatment is better health of human beings. In ayurveda plant based medicine use for the treatment of disease. By observing the infectious organisms ayurveda have different way to control and manage it.For zoonotic disease ayurveda is an important approach that can be use for eradication of disease. ( Shukla N at al.,2012). Modern treatment of disease is high cost and also have negative affect on health while plant is irresistible and inexpensive way to deal with zoonotic pathogens. There are a large number of vaccine is develop for infectious disease that have amazing effects against pathogens. However there is no proper way for the delivery of vaccine to human. To solve this problem oral vaccination is use. The concept of vaccine is first given by Edward Jenner and later by this concept several vaccination are made against zoonotic disease. Due to increase in population there is a increase in production that make a complex system does not that deal with animal and human health as two different issue. (Shahid N et al.,2016). Ayurveda is rooted from second century B.C by vaisheshika (Hindu philosophical teaching) .Rig Veda, Sam Veda, Atharva Veda and yajur Veda have many knowledge of plant that use in Ayurveda. India has great history in Ayurveda(Jaiswal S.Y.,2017).

Key words: Zoonotic pathogens, Auryada zoonotic diseases

Zoonotic Disease

Since zoonotic disease is that cause illness in the effected person due to growth of pathogens. The cause of illness may be virus, bacteria, fungi and parasites etc. These disease can transfer easily from person to person and also to animals. This may include infectious disease but mostly zoonosis from last few centuries. With the development in low income countries there is also consumption of food source( protein ) need that ultimately lead direct and indirect contact with animal that we use for our purpose ( poultry). In this way pathogens transfer that cause illness. (Chatterjee P at al., Z 2017).Other way to transmit disease ( pathogens) is air, water etc. ( Shukla N at al.,2012). By the transfer of pathogen illness is occur in affected person. Respiratory infection is more usual. Here we review some zoonotic disease that cause illness as Rabies is a deadly disease that transmit from dog to human through saliva. It effect on brain, swelling is also occur. It mostly found in Asia and cause many of death. It also effect other countries thus zoonosis is dangerous system of disease that kill human beings (Mughal B.F et al.,2018). Swine flue is common disease in those who tackle with pigs. Swine flue equally effected to child and younger due to viral infection. There is need to cure this disease that is treat with ayurveda in which vaccine is commonly use that produce antibodies against virus. These vaccines are herbs base. Ginger, Garlic and Aloe Vera is also use(kadam M.,2015). Leptospirosis is infection disease that is cause due to urine of mammal either directly or indirectly. It is effected people in low income country both in village and city life. According to a calculation 20-70% person have sign of lung failure that have cough productive of blood other symptom related to lungs may also appear.( Bharti R A at al.,2003). Anthrax, Brucellosis, Salmonellosis, Cysticercosis, Bovine tuberculosis, Japanese encephalitis, and Rickettsia infection are dangerous zoonotic disease. ( Chatterjee P et al., 2017).

Worldwide Effect of Zoonotic Diseases

Zoonosis greatly effect the worldwide through different pathogens. .Plague is the second severe disease that kill million of people around the world. 14-17 centuries 200 million death occur in Europe by black death pandemic, Salmonella million of illness while 4 hundred of death per year. Norovirus cause 19-21 million illness while 570-800 death per year. Australia has 30% illness while England and Wales have illness due to zoonotic pathogens. ( Shahid N et al., 2016). Rabies is deadly disease that kill 30,000 people in Asia while 2000 -5000 death in Pakistan is reported. More than 55000 person kill due to rabies world widely. Rabies is more common in Asia than other 150 countries. ( Mughal B.F et al.,2018).In India 20,000 death report due to rabies (AS.A et al., 2012). Diarrhea may cause 3.3-6.0 million death per year due to salmonella. ( TD. H et al.,2011). Brucellosis is a zoonotic pathogen that cause infection in human and also prove fetal during gestation period. That lead to premature birth and also miscarriage. Miscarriage incident range between 7-51%. While the rate of premature birth is 20.5% (Kurdoglu M et al., 2015). Anthrax also killing 100 of people in India where Nipah and Hendra pathogens that emerge influence the rural population( Sekar N et al., 2011). Salmonellosis has 43 person illness within some hour. These person has body pain, vomiting head pain etc. This case was reported in span ( Kunwar Rey al. ,2013).

History and Importance of Ayurveda

India has a great history in ayurveda from 2500 and 500 BC in India. However India is also get success in modern medicine but thereafter they still use traditional method for treatment of severe disease against which pathogen develop resistance for modern medicine. Herb based medicine stop the growth of these resistible pathogens. Therefore ayurveda gain more important due to killing or stop growth of resistive pathogens. In India 70% villages people depend on herb treatment due to low cost, relieve nature and good health effect. India is the great cultivator of such plants. In India about 20,000 such plants are discovered out of which 7000-7500 plants are use for treatment( PM.M et al 2013). Ayurveda have oldest traditional method on which still work is done to expand its knowledge. There are some thing that promote ayurveda but also have some thing that act as hurdle in exploring the knowledge as lack of research and literature. Ayurveda have rooted from second century B.C from vaisheshika( Hindu philosophical teaching ). Shlokas is use for herb due to its relieve features. The four basis of ayurveda is Yajur Veda, Rig Veda, Sam Veda and Atharva Veda that collectively called Vedas. Rig Veda tell about 67 plants and 1208 shlokas and more popular to all.Atharava Veda and Yajur Veda have knowledge of 293+81 medical plants. India have top position in history of ayurveda. But it may use other method as Unani, Siddha, Homeopathy, Yoga and Neuropathy. ( Jaiswal S.Y et al.,2017). The ayurveda has bright past and future also. It play important role in control of disease Cysticercosis is zoonotic illness due to Taenia solium larval stage that causes brain infection equally in human and animals. In 1978 there is surgery method that is use for treatment only. Praziquantel is medicine that is made for worm infection but it may have bad health results. Thus in India and china has vast information of plants that mostly use. In this disease pumpkin seed are use but oil of other plant is also a useful source for treatment. The plant found in north part of India mostly poacaece, compositae and grass have also good effect against worm disease. All these thong show importance of ayurveda in our life.(Bizhani N at al.,2015).

Ayurvedic Treatment

In ayurveda plants based medicine use that boost the defensive system of body against disease. Mostly the medicine use are firm but commonly ayurvedic medicine are consist of grinding form that is the mixture of different herbs. (T H.D et al., 2011). The weed that are use in ayurveda have well known as Ashwagandha, Shatavari, Guduchi, Amalaki and Bhallataka are excellent immune-boosting. More than 120 different plant chemical that have properties of medicines. According to national institute of health form anti -inflammatory drug by use of traditional approach. These drug form from the turmeric and ginger.The vaccine that form is use for the treatment of cancer. But the composition and quality of medicine should be of great significance. ( Chauhan A at al. , 2015). Charaka is method that treat with pathogens.1) Apakarshana approach that remove pathogen from body through purification. 2) Prakriti Vighata is drug that stop growth of pathogens by creating unpleasant medium for pathigens. 3) Nidaan parivarjana most favorable method to treat with pathogens by step by step process. (Shukla N at al.,2012). Phytolacca dedocantra, croton macrostachyes, Amranthes spinosus are plant use against zoonotic disease. Phytolacca dedocantra is perennial plant that for rabies due to its toxicity. Commonly use in Ethiopia north America. approximatel 90% Ethiopian believe on traditional method of medicine. Experiment was performed to check their effect against rabies. That show p.dedecandra leafs have ability against rabies pathogens. This experiment was perform in mice. Croton macrostachyes is amazing for epilepsy, rabies, cough, tooth pain, eye pain etc. If bark of that decidous plant is chew it give relief from rabies and tooth pain. Amranthes spinosus is annul herb that is also use for rabies. ( VK pagdala et all. , 2015). These ayurvedic herb increase strength against disease by promoting immunity.Guduchi, Tulasi, Shahdevi, Neem, Pippali use for digestive fir. Eucalyptus oil, camphor, Aleo Vera and ginger sue for swine flu ( Kadam Met al.,2015).Since swine flu has great prevalence due to transmission through air and between individual and also have no specific drug for its control. Therefore it is deal with Traditional method which base Ojas that give strength to the defensive system of body. This involve series of process as Nidan parivarjana , Shamana chikitsa, Shodhana chikitsa, Rasayana prayoga, Pranayama, Yoga.(Rakesh shukla 2015). Brucellosis is common illness of zoonotic infection that cause serious health effect that is cure by using herbs solvent( alcohol in nature) as Salvia sclarea, Oliveria decumbens, Ferulago angulata, Vitex pseudo-negundo, Teucrium polium, Plantago ovata, Cordia myxa, and Crocus sativus. These are best against Brucellosis infection ( Motamedi H et al.,2010).

Ayurvedic Agencies

It play important role in the formation of medicine and vaccine through series of process. Approximately 1100 plants were discover out of which 60 is much more importance. For the sake medicine there should be proper way for its raw material and its processing. It also provide important knowledge that require for promotion of traditional medicine system. For this purpose government also play role to meet market need of medicine. ( Chauhan A et al., 2015). In 1970 sector was form that work medicine not for plant need of life. In 2006 a vaccine develop that is 90%effective against pathogens. In later different type of antibodies form by traditional method that show good affect against NDV virus ( Shahid N et al., 2016). In India 20,000 plants discovered that use in different ratio in different method as traditional medicine 2000, Siddha 1300, Unani 1000, Homeopathy 800, Tibetan 500, modren and folks 200 and 4500 respectively India 7800 sectors form for the processing of these plants to form medicine. Ayurveda is the code that give long healthy life therefore it has great importance ( PM.M et al 2013).


Zoonotic is an infectious disease that is transmit from animal to human. It greatly effect population around the world. In the past to deal with disease using traditional method. Zoonosis has greatly effect the people due to interaction between animal and human. We interact with animal due to dairy purpose and also for pleasure. As zoonosis cause illness ayurveda has great prevelince to cope with pathogens. There are special sector that work on plant and generate vaccine and antibodies from the natural herb. In last few decade zoonosis cause a server loss of human being but now in recent age much of the disease are under control. However ayurvedic resesrch is continue to deplete the disease causing agents. Ayurveda has a ability to cure those disease that damage our immunity and cause serious disease. Ayurveda promote our immune system basically to cope such fetal disease.

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