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Zootopia: Animation Movies Only For Kids – Is It?

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Zootopia, a Walt Disney 3D animated film, was nominated for The Academy Awards 2017. It delineates an improbable friendship between a predator (fox con artist) and prey (rabbit police officer) that grows harmonious while solving missing cases of Zootopia. It is a world populated by anthropomorphic mammals, where the prey and the predator live in harmony; a civilized society of animals because, they are evolved to do so. The animals are out of their biologically defined roles.

The lead character is a young bunny named Judy Hopps who is passionate about her dream of becoming a police officer. In fact if she’d become an officer which she eventually does, she would become the very first rabbit to ever do it.

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The journey of Hopps as a police officer begins with parking duty. However, she soon gets her first case to solve during the course of which she randomly bumps in with a fox con artist named Nick Wilde. Eventually they start working together as a team because the predators seem to be regressing back into their primitive state and mammals in Zootopia go missing. Soon enough, they find themselves into something much larger than what they had initially expected.

The chemistry between Hopps and Nick is awesomely presented having good intrigue and good comedy. The voiceovers for Officer Hopps and Nick Wilde lent by Ginnifer Goodwin and Jason Bateman respectively were beyond exceptional. The music rendered by Michael Giachhino is just brilliant. The action sequences and graphics are terrific. It has good comedy and clever writing which can be seen as the movie switches from light comedy to heavy handed and super didactic and peachy. The concept of police is used nicely to venture the whole city, displaying the minute details of all the different species covered beautifully in the movie.

It offers a thoughtful, inclusive message that’s as rich and timely as its state-of-the-art animation – while remaining fast and funny enough to entertain not just kids but at the same time so much mature and deeper made for adults. At times, even adults crave for sugar coated pills though served exclusively for the consumption of kids!

It is more focused on the story than making laugh, more importantly and more metaphorically and kind of on the nose fashion, addresses social parameters that we human beings do. The movie is extremely emotional and has a lot to say about racial stereotypes, about gender stereotypes, about friendships, relationships, drugs.

No guesses as to why Zootopia bagged an Oscar! Storytelling can’t get any better! It tries to show mirror to the society. It dwells on perseverance, acceptance, how NOT to judge a book by its cover and also that nothing is perfect in this world and it’s for us to make it perfect! It’s extremely innovative instead of simply treating anthrop as being like humans in furry suits and possesses all the wit and charm. It beautifully conveys the message that “even natural enemies can become best friends”

One gets to understand the broader aspect of: why can’t a bunny be tough? Why can’t there be exception to the belief that foxes are untrustworthy? Why sloth can’t be fast? Why it is not just about bullying over prey/predator divide? It’s a perfect portrayal in a detective narrative mould. It makes one wonder why there should be a preconceived thought of not trusting one another? Why a prejudice need not always be annoying?

Impersonation at its best: A brilliant portrayal of many social issues in an animated movie like, crossing the societal barrier, self belief, racism (It is a pleasure to watch how a poignant topic on racism can be dealt so beautifully), vote-bank politics, you name it! They break all the stereotypes! Be it the sheep, the elephant or the rat. It just blows your mind! It goes into one’s all time collection category. The movie is definitely par excellence.


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